Your Body of Work

Build the foundation:

Teaching Skills & Business Building

  • Week-long Retreat
  • Monthly Classes
  • Teaching Practice
  • Follow up Immersion

Most importantly during this module you will discover your personal teaching style.

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Your Aligned Business

Structure Success:

This module focuses on essential business and marketing techniques to support your business in becoming financially viable right away while never abandoning your love of Tantra..

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Sensitivity Training

Refine Your Sensitivity:

Learn the tools to give powerful feedback as a guide.

Hone that deep intuition that is what will unlock a moment of orgasm between you and your partner and take you both deeper...

You will learn to cultivate connections with friends and family by ‘hearing’ what they need without any words between you...

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What is Tantra?     

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Where have the Tantric practices originated from? 

I have found that the ancient practices are able to unlock things and reach places deep in my subconscious that I could not reach any other way. 

Working with the classical practices is an essential part of the path for anyone who has been called to this work.

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