Sensitivity Training.

This is a program that spans over three months and is intended to open you to your true spidey sense. I have designed it to be an in-depth program while also fitting into your busy schedule.

You will hone that deep intuition that is what will unlock a moment of orgasm between you and your partner and take you both deeper...

You will learn to cultivate connections with friends and family by ‘hearing’ what they need without any words between you...

AND it will also give you the tools to give powerful feedback as a guide.

Where this fits into the Embody Tantra journey you have been on:
Level 1 ~ Awaken energy in your own body.

Level 2 ~ Stay open to the energy in your own body and connect with others.

Level 3 ~ Refine your relationship to the energy that is opening inside of you and allow it to guide your life.

Sensitivity Training

Seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling, knowing what others need and responding to that without losing yourself. 

We are taking that refinement you have been opening to in the Level 3 into your relating with others. This will change the texture of everything you do.

Read below to see details about the format of what I have created.

Yipee for next-steps! 


The Format


Throughout this training we will focus on three main areas:

  • Discovering your needs/desires, speaking your needs/desires, anticipating the needs/desires of others

  • How to give supportive feedback during Tantric practices

  • Deepening your understanding of Tantra based on personal experience

3 Full-Day Events ~ 1 per month

During these events we will be doing at least one practice, witnessing others in the group in practice and learning to have ‘Tantra Teacher eyes’...  

We will be looking at:

  • What is happening here?

  • What is really being shown to you in this moment?

  • What is going on that this person doesn’t want me to see?

  • What is going on that they may not know themselves?

  • What can you do with this information to take you and the person you are relating to even deeper? 

We will work with trusting your intuition as well as being guided with what to look for when you want to get a 360 degree view of a situation (in love, relating or coaching).

*See below for exact schedule for all dates.

*If you have to miss one of the 3 dates it is okay, we will film or have audio recording for you.

Monthly Practice Session with your small group (4 people)

*Some months may have more than one practice session

  • Dates are pre-scheduled for these, we highly recommend that you and your group meet on the day suggested to keep scheduling as easy as possible for everyone.

  • These meetings are about 4 hours and can be done at the house of one of the group members.

3 Group Coaching Calls with Charu

  • Here we will go over what is happening in your practice groups and any new questions that are arising through your process.

Writing Assignments: Bringing What You Have Learned into 'Form'

  • Throughout this course you will be given 1 writing assignment per month. These assignments are intended to expand your understanding of Tantra and truly bring into 'form' what you have known so far only as an experience.

Reading Assignments: Expanding Your Understanding of 'Tantra'

  • Every month you will be assigned a new Tantra book to read. Through these books we will broaden our cognitive understanding of Tantra and where our work fits in to the expansive history.  


“I am touched by the love and connection I felt. The training was a beautiful container for me to play, experiment and expand who I am and how I want to be in the world. It felt so healing to have a community where I can be seen, heard, loved and cared for so deeply.”

“When I signed up I had zero idea on what to expect. I just knew that I was ready for the 'next thing'. What I got was totally unexpected. I have felt my body expand in such a juicy and wonderful way and I am so aware of the little sensations going on within - more than I ever have in the past. I feel like I am walking more softly on the earth. That I know myself on a whole other level. I have come to a sweet peace about who I am and I have found a new love and acceptance of myself and others. So yummy.” ~ Rachel

“Being able to watch other people actually helped me tune into my own practice. I was amazed at how I could experience practices that I'd been doing for years in a totally new way just by opening myself up and taking the risk of giving feedback.”  ~Maya

2017 Dates 

Session 1

Saturday, March 4th (10am - 6pm)

Practice Session 1.1

Sunday, March 19th (2 - 6pm)

Group coaching call

Monday, March 20th (5 - 7pm)

Session 2

Saturday, April 8th (10am - 6pm)

Practice Session 2

Sunday April 23rd (2 - 6pm)

Group Coaching Call

Monday April 24th (5 - 7pm)

Session 3  

Saturday, May 13th (10am - 6pm)

Practice session 3

Sunday May 21st (2 - 6pm)

Group Coaching Call

TUESDAY, May 23rd (5 - 7pm)

The sensitivity training was nothing like what I expected when I first signed up for it and yet it was exactly where I needed to be on my current path. I am deeply moved by the experience we shared together.” – Nicole

Payment Information

This Intensive Sensitivity Training, which includes 3 full-day sessions, practice sessions, and group coaching calls

will be offered for $2,500

If you register by Sunday, January 22nd you will receive the special rate of:


only $1,500 ($1000 savings)

or Payment Plan:

5 payments of only $360 per month ($700 savings)

Our last Sensitivity Training was truly amazing. I’m so excited to be offering this next level of work for those of you who are ready. This is a great next step for those of you who are ready to be on the teacher training track as well as those who just want to keep opening.

Just email us for an application & payment link to reserve your space.  We will read all applications within the next week, and you will then receive an email from us letting you know whether or not you have been accepted into the program.