Your Body of Work: Overview

Teaching skills, class creation and foundational marketing as tools for your growth and awakening. Integrating the essence of who you are into all that you do.

If you DO want to create a business teaching Tantra, this module has everything you need for a successful start.

You will become a great teacher by: 

  • Truly knowing yourself
  • Getting intimate with your blind spots 
  • Experiencing a level of clearing that allows you to truly hold space for others through teaching 

Essentially it’s about discovering who you are and aligning with an inner authority. Holding your power in a new way.

While you will be teaching classes and practicing newsletters which will give you the building blocks of a strong business, we are not doing this solely for the purpose of marketing. 

I want to empower you to discover your own style of teaching that is a unique expression of who you are. I've seen trainings that create cookie-cutter teachers who just parrot the exercises - that's not what this training is about. 

When I envision the future, I see my TT students out in the world being respected for how authentic their teaching is to them. The process of discovering that is MUCH MORE than just knowing HOW to guide a group through a practice.

It is about tapping into your inner wisdom when you stand at the front of the room.

It’s about not losing yourself when you can sense an energy of judgement with the new students. It’s about knowing how to use your innate abilities / sensitivity to ‘feel into’ what the space needs in order to go deeper, and practicing on another level what it takes to not abandon yourself in order to support the room.

This kind of discernment, this kind of growth, goes WAY beyond what you will be saying at the head of the class when you guide: it is an internal process of growth that will push you to the next edge of your awakening - whether or not you choose to be a teacher. You will still be required to teach and do newsletters, etc. because these are the tools that we will be using to allow you to discover hidden places where you are held back (that you may not even be aware of).

There is nothing like sending out a newsletter (even just to a few friends) to uncover places where we question if we are good enough. But when you get your first, ‘Thank you so much for writing this! It changed my life!’ comment, you'll unlock the kind of confidence that can't be reached without external feedback.

Also, when it comes to newsletters we will be working again with the element of sharing / expressing ourselves intimately. There is a way to write that is safe and keeps a distance between you and the reader AND there is a way to write that allows for another layer of intimacy, of being seen… more intimacy, more internal evolution…. even if the only newsletters you ever send are the ones you create through this program and you only send them to a handful of friends.

When we are together for our 7-day retreat, it’s important to remember that it is just that - a retreat. Yes, you will be learning technical things and there will be lectures as well as time for you to work on blueprints for classes, newsletters, etc.  However, as with all of my retreats, we will also be in deep practice.

Questions? Be Sure to join our call!

I will be doing a call to talk about the training in Nov 2017. You need to have attended Levels 1 + 2 with Embody Tantra in order to join us on this call. If you have completed these pre-requisites and not yet received an invite to this call please email us at:

The Elements

  • Week long retreat
  • Teaching skills, class creation, basic marketing
  • 1x per month ‘Practice & Follow up’ classes
  • Understanding practices in depth
  • 1 x per week Buddy Meeting
  • Practice Teaching/ Sessions
  • 4 day Intensive to complete
  • Prep/ Follow Up for Teaching TAW!!
  • YOU (Teachers in Training) teach TAW

You Will Teach

  • 3 Classes
  • 4 Private Sessions
  • 1 Awaken Weekend!
  • ...and so much more!

Retreat Details


  • Teaching a class
  • Creating a Blueprint
  • Each person will create 1 hour long class for during the TT week
  • This class will be reviewed by Charu
  • You will lead TT through this class
  • All participants will give you feedback 

Teaching Skills

  • What makes a great teacher?
  • Presentation skills.
  • ‘Feeling’ the room.
  • Your personal gifts and how to share them.
  • Secret to taking people deeper in practices.
  • What kind of teacher will you be?

Your Great Work

  • Who are you?
  • What special gifts do you have to offer the world?
  • What do you need to work on the most to be the best teacher you can be?
  • What has touched you about Tantra?
  • Why is it important for you to share this?

Aligned Business

  • Crash-course: Business School for Tantrikas
  • Event Promotion
  • Where to focus your energy
  • Creating your newsletters
  • Hand-holding with getting first newsletter out!
  • Finding your Tantric Voice

Your Classes

  • How to create, promote, structure weekly/monthly classes
  • Best options for venues when starting out
  • Flyers, Online Promo
  • You will calendar dates for your 3 Tantra events!
  • Create Feedback Form that students will fill out & turn into you.


  • Daily Practice
  • Experience one another leading exercises
  • Great practices to start & complete classes with.
  • In-depth relationship with TAW practices that you will be teaching.


  • Learn about detailed routines to support you.
  • Create your own daily/ weekly rituals.
  • Without this you cannot hold space for others.
  • *This separates a ‘good’ teacher from a ‘great’ one!


  • Your Buddy will be your very first ‘private client’
  • You will get together weekly
  • Each of you will teach a short class to one another

Practice Sessions

  • Meet with your Buddy Weekly (About 1-2 hours)
  • Each of you teaches a practice.
  • Give one another feedback.
  • Write a short email to Charu about your experience.

Practice & Follow-Up Meetings


  • How to teach practices
  • Practice together
  • Free-writing exercise together
  • Create lesson plan to teach this practice

After teaching check-in

  • How did your class go?
  • What support do you need for it to be even better?
  • What kind of feedback did you get?


Each month you will be fully supported in inspirational writing which will become a short article for your newsletter.

Don’t let this scare you. It will be easy and you NEED to get comfortable with this!

Your Monthly Class

  • Set a date
  • Go through simple ‘event checklist’
  • Do basic promo to 'fill the room'
  • At least 1 other person from ET should be there!

Tantric Writings

So important to bring into form your experiences of Tantra. This will be essential for a successful business.

Completion Immersion

1 Day ~ Preparation for your TAW!

  • Practice
  • Self-care
  • Questions

2 Days ~ Teaching TAW! :)

1 Day ~ Follow up & Celebration

What's Special About This Training?

  • Lots of hand-holding.
  • Structure is created for you to succeed!!
  • Accountability
  • By the time you complete, you will have practiced teaching over 25 sessions!

Dates 2018



The full course, including:

  • 7-day immersion retreat
  • food & lodging for immersion
  • 3 monthly ‘Practice & Follow up’ classes
  • 4 day local Intensive for completion (preparation & teaching TAW)
  • facebook group
  • And any additional support that I feel you need in order to succeed throughout the process

We will be talking about the investment on our call and there will be a special rate offered as well as a payment plan! :D


What if I don’t want to be a Tantra teacher? What if I just want to continue to deepen? Is this training right for me?

Short answer: yes!

You can think of this training as the most in-depth retreat and deepening opportunity I have ever offered. It is for the serious practitioner. We will be using the focus of building a business as a tool to specifically highlight where you can own your power and integrate on another level.

What if I have a corporate life (or other reasons) and can’t post online openly about Tantra?

This is not a problem at all. A couple of people already enrolled in the program will be adapting to make sure this work does not interfere with their corporate life. That may include only using your first name when posting online, only sending newsletters to close friends, etc. We will work together to find out what works for you.

What if I hate writing and would rather express myself through speaking?

That’s GREAT! I am very open to your newsletters having an audio element to them and it’s great to find the way that is most right for you to express yourself through what will become your online presence. Having said that, I’m guessing you hate writing for a reason… what’s coming up for you around that? This may be something we explore more during our time together.

Will there be written tools? Like a binder?

Yes! Since this is our first go-round I will likely be creating all written material as we go through the process. I will make sure that everyone in the training is given a copy of all documents to make it as easy as possible to recall what you have learned and have resources to go back to.

What if I want to know more about the roots of Tantra before I openly share it with the world?

It’s true, the focus of this module is not about the roots of Tantra, although we will certainly touch on this so that everyone has some clarity. There will be an entire module devoted to this. My hope is to launch it Fall or Winter 2016. The truth is that with the Embody Tantra ‘style’ or ‘form’ of teaching, the most important thing is not the history ~ the most important thing is your authenticity and intimacy with yourself.